Sports and Gaming

From the early stages of Chile’s new regulation on the development and operation of casinos, our firm has represented international players in the gaming sector interested in setting up business in the country. We have advised clients in the bidding processes for the establishment of casinos throughout the country, and in all matters related to the construction and development of their gaming and hospitality facilities, and helped them navigate the complex web of regulations and requirements of the sector. We have also advised clients in the legality and conditions to offer gaming services online and in vessels passing through Chilean waters.

In sport matters, our firm has represented professional sports associations and organizations in the drafting and modernization of their governing documents and regulations, and in transactions seeking to exploit and commercialize the broadcasting rights of their leagues and competitions. Our team is prepared to provide advice in complex matters of sports regulation in Chile and in the multinational sphere, including through the use of foreign experiences and litigation. We have also represented such associations and organizations in the filing and defence of claims before the courts and other authorities, in particular economic disputes with member teams and antitrust inquiries.