Environmental and regulatory compliance has become one of the most relevant aspects of the development and operation of any industrial or utilities project. We advise clients from the energy, mining, oil and gas, water resources, forestry, agriculture, wine and other industries in the assessment of their environmental risks, review and resolution of their environmental issues and conflicts, and legal assistance in their permitting processes.

Our natural resources team is integrated by lawyers who have an important background not only in regulatory and environmental matters, but in litigation and corporate ones as well. Therefore, we are able to provide our clients with a comprehensive service, assisting them not only from a regulatory and environmental perspective, but also in the financing, project development, M&A processes, and in the ever-increasing number of environmental cases that have arisen due to the recently created Environmental Courts and Environmental Superintendence.

We are known for counselling in complex projects from the environmental standpoint, which involve intricate legal frameworks and multifaceted analysis. We assist our clients in strategically structuring their businesses to minimize legal exposure, including the potential application of environmental law requirements, and act as a link with environmental auditing firms that need to get involved in the environmental assessment studies and statements of their projects.

Above all, our natural resources practice has been designed and it is oriented to enable clients to accomplish their goals, minimize failures and stay out of trouble.  Further, if they find themselves in a litigation scenario, we are broadly known for our thoroughness, creativity and talent to pull out complex tailored strategies that will lead them to success.