The agribusiness, food and beverage industries are major contributors to many economies around the world, and Chile is certainly no exception. Exports of fruit and wine, among others, have been staples of Chile’s foreign trade for the last decades. From farmers and ranchers to beverage manufacturers and distributors, clients require a firm who knows the industry to maximize market opportunities and minimize risks.

With our local understanding of each industry’s complexities, risks, challenges and opportunities, members of our firm’s agribusiness practice are uniquely positioned to deliver innovative and cutting-edge solutions to help you achieve our clients’ business goals.

Our firm’s experience have advised our agribusiness clients in matters involving, among others, commodity trading instruments, environmental laws and licensing, financial and capital markets instruments used in the agricultural business, international tax, labelling, packaging, recalls, product distribution and licensing agreements, rural land acquisition and leasing, and sector-specific M&A advice.