International Trade

Openness to foreign trade and foreign investment has become the hallmark of Chilean economy for the last three decades, building a network of foreign bilateral and multilateral trade agreements, and making Chile on many occasions the gateway into the South American region for several international ventures. Our firm has been at the forefront of this process, accompanying importers and exporters since its early stages.

We have vast experience in the field of customs regulations and tariffs, as well as all matters related to imports and exports. We are used to providing advice on the impact of new international regulations, and in connection with tariff classification, valuation, origin, labelling, trade agreements and preference programs.

Our services in the field of customs legislation has proven especially useful for clients who decide to set up business in Chile for the development of projects aimed at exportation and for those interested in taking advantage of the synergies derived from the network of free trade agreements and trade blocs to which Chile is a party. We have even advised foreign governments in their international trade dealings in Chile.

Our firm is also particularly prepared to assist clients in various matters with customs authorities, trade and anti-dumping disputes, border measures, trade barriers, and the reimbursement of taxes to exporters.