Our firm has vast experience in providing advice to owners, guarantors, developers, financers and contractors in the review, drafting and negotiation of design, engineering, construction, supply and commissioning contracts of all types and schemes (EPC, EPCM; BOT, BOOT; bespoke and standard forms such as FIDIC, NEC, etc.). We also provide support in related agreements to construction projects, including procurement and operation and maintenance contracts, and review from a legal standpoint, but with a business approach, the economic and technical documents attached to each such project.

Our construction practice has covered projects from a wide variety of fields, with a particular focus on the installation of power plants (thermal, hydro, solar and wind), transmission lines, substations, pipelines, ports, industrial facilities, private and public infrastructure, among others.

We accompany our clients through the whole process of negotiating and executing all agreements related to their construction projects, and continue advising them throughout the life of the agreement, reviewing correspondence, drafting amendments and change orders as required, and helping to solve disputes. When disputes escalate to formal litigation, our arbitration and litigation teams are especially prepared to represent clients in the most complex of issues before local and international courts and arbitration panels.