The challenges for potential and existing energy projects, and in general for developments that utilize natural resources, have multiplied in the recent years. Public scrutiny, political involvement, community concerns, judicial activism and regulatory changes are increasing in scope and impact, and legal and litigation risk management has become indispensable for any player interested in entering or expanding its presence in the field. On the other hand, the opportunities offered by Chile in terms of resources and capacity, especially for renewable energies, continue to make energy one of the most dynamic and attractive sectors for investors from across the globe.

Our energy and natural resources team has the multi-background experience and knowledge to help any client navigate the regulatory intricacies demanded by any project, minimize the risks, face the challenges that arise during the development and operation stages, and defend the project’s interests in any forum.

Our firm represents global companies, as well as financial institutions and private equity firms operating in the industry, on all types of projects, including for oil and gas (upstream, midstream, downstream), thermal, hydroelectric, wind, solar, other renewables, electric transmission, energy technology, and utilities.

We advise our clients in all phases of their energy and natural resources projects, using the experience of our different areas to address their needs for financing, access capital markets, mergers and acquisitions, tax structuring, access to lands and facilities, and environmental and regulatory compliance. We are capable to draft and negotiate all kinds of contracts related to such projects, offtake agreements, construction, operation and maintenance agreements for plants, lines and substations, and agreements for the interconnection with and use of third party facilities. We also support our clients in their participation in energy auctions.

In case of clients being party to disputes with the sectorial authorities, communities and other market operators, whether before such authorities, the experts’ panels or the courts, our energy and natural resources team, working hand in hand with our arbitration and litigation teams, have the experience and regulatory knowledge required to defend their interests in the best possible way.